Professor: Kim Heintz
Office: 70-2608
Email: knhics at rit dot edu
Office Hours: TBD and by appt.

textbook, readings and materials

The following things are required for the course.

  • there will be reading assignments of web articles and online tutorials
  • 2 gig or more (4 gig is very handy) flash memory (As a last resort, you can use Dropbox)
  • vimeo account

important rit deadlines

Last day of add/drop is September 12, 2010.

Last day to withdraw with a grade of "W" is October 29 (the deadline for withdrawing from a course with a W grade is the end of the 6th week of the quarter). Forms may be obtained from your department office and need your instructor's signature.

NOTE: Department policy states that a student has one quarter to challenge any grade. After that, grades cannot be challenged.

course description

This course provides a theoretical framework covering principles of animation and its use in gaming to affect user experience. Emphasis will be upon principles that support character development and animation that show cause and effect. Students will apply these principles to create animations that reflect movement and character appropriate for different uses and environments.

course goals and objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will have a working definition of animation systems and techniques for digital media. Students will be able to create rudimentary animation cycles with an understanding of effective visual communication of physical attributes of inertia, momentum and transformation. Emphasis will be upon rendering movement.


2nd year standing in the BS in Game Design and Development or New Media


Assignment % value due date rubric
experimental animation 20% Week 3 ***
rotoscope 20% Week 5 ***
walk cycle 20% Week 7 ***
exquisite corpse 10% Week 9 ***
final project 30% scheduled exam time ***

Grading scale:
A: 90-100
B: 80 - 89
C: 70 - 79
D: 60 - 69
F: Anything below 60

Projects submitted after the due date/time will lose 5 poins for each day that they are late. If you know that a situation will prevent you from turning something in, contact me in advance of the deadline to make alternate arrangements.

If you wish to dispute your final course grade, you must do so before the end of the quarter following this one; otherwise documentation of your work may be discarded.

academic honesty policy

Please review the IT department and RIT policies academic dishonesty.

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